Gave Disclaimer

*Walkman started her annual complaining about how cold out it was*

Warm up- good mornings, toy soldiers, jumping jacks, arm circles front back, run the track

PAX split into 3 groups.  There were 5 stations set up around the parking lots.  PAX needed to complete the list of exercises at each station twice then run around the parking lots and move to the next station.

Spot 1: Bearcrawl 20 steps

20 Plank jacks

10 push ups

5 inchworms

*Complete all exercises again then run*

Spot 2: 20 curtsey lunges (HC)

20 Sumo squats

10 sparky crab (HC)

5 burpees

*Complete all exercises again then run*

Spot 3: 20 shoulder taps (HC)

20 American hammers(HC)

10 full sit ups

5 Peter Parkers(HC)

*Complete all exercises again then run*

Spot 4: 20 jump squats

20 jump lunges (EC)

10 donkey kicks

10 plank skiers(EC)

Spot 5: 20 Step ups(EC)

20 tricep dips

10 calf raises

5 Carolina dry docks

*Complete all exercises again then run*

Thanks for joining me ladies its always a good time!