Disclaimer given and warm up started in the deck. Jumping jacks, good mornings, low squat inner thigh stretch, low back twists, 5 inchworms and a few froggers.

We headed to the front of the library and divided into two groups for the thang.

See you when I see you (idea borrowed from KC)—one group runs one way, other group runs the other around the library. When you meet, perform 10 of each of the following:


Drunk Mountain Climbers


Raggedy Anns

Next time you meet do 9 reps, then 8, etc down to 1.

We had enough time for a second round starting with 6 reps doing the following:

Push ups


Reverse lunges

Star jumps

Next we headed to the stairs for one sprint to the top. The catch: if you’re caught by the person behind you, you stop and do 5 penalty burpees.

We returned to our cars for a quick 10 count of the following core exercises:

IYW Supermans

Low plank knees to chest

Hip thrusters feet together

Hip thrusters with each leg in the air

COT was some reflections on turning 40.

Thanks for joining me.

Mary Lou