EMOM: squat, JJ, inch worm. 

Minute 1: complete 3 ea – arm warm ups before next minute starts

Minute 2: complete 6 ea

Minute 3: complete 9 ea


The Thang:

What a gorgeous February morning for a workout! We moseyed to the Chamber of Commerce in downtown Apex for partner work 5×5’s – 5 rounds for 5 minutes 

Partner 1 runs around the square while partner 2 completes exercise. Swap, rinse and repeat for 5 min. Everyone cheered when the Q announced burpees for our first round lol 

Burpees (for the record Bluff had on her Burpee appropriate sports bra!) Step ups


Push ups

Jack Knives

We made it thru round 4 and called for time. Pax moseyed back to HSP for Abs

Abs: Plank Jacks starting w/ Tiny Boots age= # of reps. Groaning ensued when the Pax realized they would be completing 52 plank jacks along w/ Tiny Boots. Once completed Tiny Boots called on Beethoven. She’s 40 so Pax did 40 plank jacks. Beethoven sent it over to Frito who is 33. We changed it up to mountain climbers. We ended w/ Tag-A-Long who is 44. Totaled169 plank jacks/mtn climbers. 

COT: “It’s not always about what happens during the workout. It’s about being the type of person who doesn’t miss workouts. It’s easy to train when you feel good, but it’s crucial to show up when you don’t feel like it – even if you do less than you hope. It reaffirms your identity about the kind of person you want to be” ~James Clear, from Atomic Habits (Don’t confuse this with rest)

Name o Rama and picture. We all scooched together while Reebok reminded us what scooch down means  LOL