The Pax went on a scavenger hunt on the Pine Cone Trail.  Each member was assigned an item and a corresponding exercise (25 count).  If item was spotted the Pax would stop and complete the exercise.

Puddle- Dorothys

Fence- Squats

Trash can- Hill Billies

Light Post- Calf Raises

Runner- 1 minute plank

Bench- Froggers

Dog- Front kicks

Child- Blast Off push ups

Picnic table- Burpees

After completing half of the trail the pax went back to shelter and

Finished with a Hallelujah Chorus

4 rounds

5 pushups, 5shoulder taps, 5dips, 5carolina dry docks 10 Hallelujahs

6                   6                           6         6                                  12

7                     7                           7         7                                 14

8                   8                            8         8                                16

Then we did some abs and called it a day because the Zoomba ladies were wanting to set up.