After the disclaimer and warmup, Reebok and I went on a scavenger hunt.  I had a list of items and if we saw any we needed to do the exercise associated with it  as we jogged down the greenway.  The counts were either 10 or 13.   (HC or SC).  It really depended on how many exercises we had to do at one stop.  Ex: 2 women walking with their 2 children  and dogs passing by the house with the halloween decorations as a squirrel runs across the greenway… UGH!


  • Halloween Decorations – Mummy Abs
  • Female runner – Burpee
  • Male runner – Skaters
  • Female cyclist  – Bicycle
  • Male Cyclist – Heisman
  • Female walker – Curtsey Lunges
  • Male walker – Reverse Lunges
  • Dog – Fire Hydrants
  • Child – Jumping Jacks
  • Squirrel – Money Humpers
  • Bird – Shoulder Taps
  • Bench – Step ups / High Knees
  • Garbage Can – Dips
  • Tunnel – Mountain Climbers
  • Playground –  Q last minute decision depending on what available to use
  • Sewer/manhole – Push ups

For todays run , Female walkers won!!!  Thanks for running with me Reebok!