Warm up in parking lot the. Partnered up and did “see you when I see you” around the parking lot starting with 6 of the following exercise each time you meet you partner and working your way down to 1.

squat jump, push ups, mountain climbers

grabed a medium rock and lined up at one side of the parking lot. We did 10 of an exercise at the start, travel to the next medium do 10 agin and Travis to the 2nd medium to do a final 10. Then job back to start.

  • squat to overhead press with rock; run/walk with rock
  • carolina dry docks ; Broad Jumps
  • rock swings; run/walk with rock

paused to do an arm circuit with rock. 20 bicep curls, overhead Tricep extension, bent over row. Did 2 times thru

  • curtsy lunges; bear crawl
  • high pull with rock; run/walk with rock
  • froggers; high knee run

ended with a leg circuit with rock. 20 each; 2 times thru. Squat, single led deadlift, backwards lunge with a twist.

put rocks back and ended with an Ab Burner:

20 Big girl sit ups, 20 butterfly sit ups, 20 LBCs, 20 toe touches, 20 bicycle crunches