Disclaimer and an active warm up through the parking lot. We did a few laps of high knees, but kicks, side shuffle and karaoke with jogging interspersed. We circled up to wait for Miller and did some Michael Phelps arms, hamstring stretches, calf stretches and a few inchworms.

The Thang:

Ran to the kiosk for a take on triple nickels. 5 exercises, 10 reps, 5 sprints, We grabbed a medium rock to do 10 reps of the following exercises with a sprint up the hill between each round:

Rock your bodies

American hammers

Bent over rows

Goblet squats

Woodchoppers (5 each side)

Next we moseyed to the secret garden for same song different verse, little bit louder little bit worse (?)! Again, 5 rounds of five exercises (10 reps each) with a loop jog between rounds.

Tricep dips


Push ups

Single leg squats (5 each side)

Burpees (5)

For the sake of time we had to stop after 4 rounds and head back to the senior center where we did some IT band stretches!

Thanks for joining me this morning!

Mary Lou