Warm Up10 oyo Good mornings; inchworms, arm circles forward/backward, torso twist, wide squat – opposite shoulder to opposite knee; slow butt kickers to fast (15 IC), marching to high knees (15 IC)

The Thang:

Vicious Circle – the plan was to use the big pickle and F3 was using it.  We changed course and used the small pickle. Pax line up single file and start traveling exercise. Last Pax in line peels off, moseys to center to complete 5 reps then  rejoin at the start of the line. Repeat until all pax have completed the vicious circle

Traveling exercise/Exercise Reps: 

Jog / Plank Jacks

Bear Crawl / Star jumps

Walking Lunges / Jump squats

Crab Walk / Dorothy’s

Hillbilly Walkers / Burpees

Curb work 1 min rounds:

Have Pax pick # 1-15 until we get thru all exercises  *modified for time, we completed: # 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14

1.Squats Left leg on curb

2.Squats Heels on curb

3.Squats Right leg on curb

4.R Knee Repeaters 

5.L Knee Repeaters

6.R Lunge + knee lift

7.L Lunge + knee lift

8.Mountain Climbers 


10.Shoulder Taps

11.Plank up/down (hands on curb, walk hands down to ground and back up)

12.Plank jump in/out (hands on curb, hop feet in/out)

13.Decline push ups

14.Push up w/ rotating side plank

15.Plank w/ alternating leg lift


Abs: Captain Thors – on Q’s count

1 Big Girl Sit up: 4 American Hammers all the way to 10:40  – we made it to 7:28 before time