Started our beautiful morning with disclaimer, warm up, stretches

Then jogged over to the stairs for a round of sevens ( push-ups, plank jacks)

Proceeded to jog to hill and did Yellow Brick Road up hill

Jogged to community center to pick a rock

2 sets of three exercises back and forth over marked parking lot ( 1st line 5 reps, 2nd line 10 reps, 3rd line 15 reps) then carry rock back

1st set ( run with rock, push outs with rock and then lunge walks with each exercise)

Push Presses, Reverse Lunges, Woman Makers

2nd set ( run with rock, push outs with rock and lunge walks between reps again)

Bicep Curls, Overhead Triceps and BurpeesšŸ„“

Had a small contest where we guessed our Ā rock weight and then weighed rocksā€¦Fullback was the big winner with the closest guess to her actual rock weight

Jogged back to Senior Center for Name-O-Rama