We warmed up with some jumping jacks, buttkickers, high knees, good mornings and toy soldiers.

Got started at the bottom of the parking garage ran to one end did reps of an exercise for 45s, held an exercise for 45s, and then continued up the garage till we made it to the top.

Push ups – wall push up hold, squat jumps – squat hold, American hammers – boat hold, lunge jumps – lunge hold, tricep dips – wall wing hold, mt climber hops – plank holds, calf raises – sumo hold on toes, SL RDLs – warrior III hold, last level no hold, just burpees!

Then we made our way back down, doing the hold first then the reps till we made it back to the bottom. Finished just in time and finished with name-o-rama. Thanks for joining me!