What a beautiful morning to run and run some more!
This 50 degree day in March wasn’t wasted by the 14 PAX who challenged themselves to a timed Mile.

WarmUp: Jacks, Hip openers, leg swings and dynamic stretches around the pickle.

Thang 1: Timed mile (2 times around the track and a little more)
The best thing was the comraderie of women supporting each other.

Thang 2: Agility course on the Baseball field Cones set up for each agility skill.  Split into 2 groups.
Group 1, Jog up the 1st base line, tire run, Side Ape hop (L), Side Ape Hop (R), Skipping Hi Knees, Bear crawl to 3rd base line, Sprint home while Group 2 does the exercise, then switch.
Exercises are: Pushups, Wall Sits, Dips, Plank Jacks

Mary: 5 minute tabata abs.  We did the following exercises. Crunch with chop, Elbow to knee with scissor legs, Plank leg lifts and Plank knee to elbow.

Be proud of yourselves!  The beautiful spirit I saw today is one of the most valuable things in this world.