Started with a warm up incorporating the 41 squats for this weeks challenge and a few other typical warm ups.   Then we got to the Thang….I rolled a 20 sided dice and each number had a exercise to go with it and the same number dictated reps (all hard count)

  1. Sprint up 1 deck
  2. Laps around the library
  3. 180 burpee with push up
  4. 3 way lunge 
  5. Star jumps
  6. Dorothys
  7. Full flight of stairs 
  8. SL RDL 
  9. Broad jumps
  10. Plank Y lift 
  11. Push up plus
  12. Booty blasters (hydrant, donkey kick, rainbow)
  13.  Side plank w/ leg lift 
  14.  Donkey kicks
  15. Drunken mountain climbers 
  16. Skaters 
  17. High knees
  18. Hillbillies 
  19.  Arm circles in each direction 
  20.  Hallelujahs in Sumo

    Rolled until we were out of time.  Thanks for joining me today!