What’s that in the air? A fall-like crispness? We’ll take it! It was fun to drive up to see long sleeves and capris on the Pax knowing this could be the start of some awesome daytime temps perfect for working hard and breaking a sweat!

Disclaimer was announced and QiC started the warmup with jacks, but kickers, high knees, good mornings, inchworms (WITH the push-up!), and arm circles. But that was just the beginning. Pax headed to the rock pike and picked up a heavy rock (some heavier than others ahem, Crisco ;)). The last part of the warm up we carried our rocks at chest level for one minute, then turned around and carried our rocks overhead back to the pile. After depositing our rocks we moseyed to the rock pile down by the kiosk for our thang.


We lugged our medium-sized rocks about halfway across the big field—the pax was wondering what the heck Mary Lou was doing and how far we were going. But alas we did finally stop and spread out in a long line. We partnered up. Partner one ran across the field to the trail and back while airy we two did an exercise with their rock.
1. squat with OH press

2. woodchoppers each side

3. crossover pushups (one hand on rock one hand on ground pushups, walk hands into alternate position, pushups, back and forth)

4. Bent over rows

5. Deep pushups (using partners rock and your own place hands on rocks and push up)

As we moseyed back to the kiosk we stopped and did 5 slams with our rocks.

Back at the kiosk hill we did a triple nickel—5 tricep extensions with rock, run up hill, 5 plank jacks, run down trail. Apparently we only did 4 rounds before the Q told everyone to return their rocks and mosey back to the senior center as fast as they could. Oops!

On the way back to the parking lot we stopped and grabbed a medium size rock again. We circled up with mats and did kneeling hip thrusts with our rocks, standing side crunch reach sequence, side plank dips with our rocks, weighted crunches and weighted extensions (lay on back bring feet and arms together at top and return to laying position). Various reps counted by Q.

Thanks for joining me today, ladies! It’s always a pleasure and an honor!

Mary Lou