Warm Up – I honestly don’t know, but we talked about hair removal (HA!!)  No seriously, Good Mornings, Sumo stretch with shoulder to opposite knee, arm circles, Glute stretch, quad stretch and hip openers.  Jumping Jacks.

The Thang-
1. Catch Me if you Can – with 10 squats to the Kiwanis Shelter Parking lot.
2. 10 push ups, 10 dips, 10 second side plank (left/right)
3. Mosey to the Kiosk
4. Pick up a rock (make it a heavy one….. way to challenge yourself!!)

5. Rock Relay (we had people which was the perfect number for 2 teams).  There are 4 corners to our relay and a different exercise at each corner.  Everyone starts the exercises at the corners and the extra person walks with a rock from the first to second cone.  At that time the people who are at the second cone walk to the 3rd cone and so on….
Here are the exercises at the cones.
Round 1: Squat with overhead press, Sumo Side bends (this was not the best), Overhead Tricep, GetUps
Round 2: Halos, Lunge with Bicep curl, Elf on the Shelf, RDL (both feet on the ground)
Round 3: Rock your body, Side lunge with upright row, V-Sit holding rock with feet taps, Serve the Turkey (which we changed to a bent over row)

6. Take the hill, then mosey back to the senior center
7. Mary:  Work the whole core: Oblique dead bugs, upper ab crunches, side plank hip dips (both ways) and plank practice with slow controlled movement.

Thoughts: I came upon an old Q note that had this inspirational thought “your only competition is yourself.” But recently I’ve needed to back away from competing with myself and blaming myself for things that really aren’t my responsibility/in my control.  So I’d like to erase that previous mantra and give myself more room to make mistakes and be the real me without apology.