everything was in a rep of 6s or 24 count.

warm up:

6 good mornings

skipped the lines

jumping jack circuit – 6 count, down to 1

The Thang: (20 minutes) dice game – 1 dice with 6 Rock pile exercises, the other dice with 6 mat, or standing body weight exercises.

FNGs did the tosses!

6’s – run/walk back and forth between Mat stations and the rock zone.

toss 1:

squat – rock rows – earlier arrivers at Mat zone held squat until entire group back together.

toss 2:

Thor sit ups – rock triceps (hard count single arm kick backs or overhead triceps). Added a mod to use a rock in the Thor – carry rock back and forth from pile.

ABS – pain train

All do hillbillies. Around the circle each person took a turn holding airplane for 24 seconds – 15 people – took about 6 minutes to complete the circle. Good discussion about if this exercise is abs – it is core – is that abs?

Balanced out with alternating leg airplane all together. Heirloom got a round of groans for her slow counting.

Named the 3 FNGs during pain train.

Sunshine wanted more abs – 24 count of boat to canoe.

Considered more abs, popular vote went to cool down.

Cool down – stretches for all the body parts we worked.

COT – reading from “still life” about how life is built from our choices. We can wait for life to happen or take responsibility and be the change. All of us made the choice today and look at the result!


7 pax joined for CoFiA!