Q got some comments and chatter when she showed up in a tank top on a 45° morning—that’s what a prerun will do for ya! Three pax for a warm up jog before the workout and it looked like another 3 followed up the workout with an extra credit run! Way to get after it ladies!

Warm up included a quick jog around the pickle with some jumping jacks, windmills, inchworms and arm circles forward and back.

The Thang: Escalating “Concentric” 4 Corners

What it was—start in corner 1 and do 10 reps of cardio exercise, run to corner two and do 10 reps of cardio plus 15 reps of arm exercise; on to corner three for 10 cardio, 15 arms and 20 leg reps; and finally to corner four for 10 cardio, 15 arms, 20 legs and 25 reps of a core exercise.

Round 1: around the small pickle with jumping jacks, pit taps, blast off pushups and LBCs

Round 2: around the big parking lot with knee drivers HC, merkins, lunges EC, Brooke Burke’s HC

Round 3: around the half track. I added a twist—last pax to the corner does the count; if you get there before her you continue the last exercise until she counts it out. Oh and the first 6 pax to the corner get an extra 5 burpees at the end before heading to the next corner! Yay extra credit! We did Smurf jacks, Carolina dry docks, squats and elbow to knee HC.

Round 4: same twists as round 3 and run around the full track with burpees, alligator pushups, curtsy lunges and drunk mountain climbers.

We finished with 2 minutes to spare and just enough time to snag a photo. All I could come up with for this workout was the thought that our actions have a ripple effect. We may just be a drop in the bucket of humanity but what we do affects and ripples outward to more people than we know. We may be small but we may never know the size of our impact on others. Let it be a good one! ❤️

Mary Lou