Repeat of a virtual Q from March.

Discomfort is the space we live in as we grow, learn and strengthen ourselves.  Stretching our bodies carefully and regularly is a great reminder of the power of discomfort.

Warm Up

Wide Legs: reach up and breathe in for 3, reach down/bend knees breathe out for 3. Repeat 5x
Hands on wide knees, slide body to right and hold for 3, slide left and hold for 3. Repeat 3x.
Take opposite shoulder to knee alternate 3x.
Legs together, reach up and breathe in, fold over and hang (rag doll).  Hold 10 good seconds.
Slowly roll up.
Arm circles small/big/forward/back 5 IC for each.


The Thang

 Set up a start line (20 yards from first cones) and 6 cones (5 yards apart).  Any marker will work, chalk, sports equipment, shoes, whatever.


Round 1:  Somewhere over the Rainbow

From starting line, Run to first cone do 1 burpee, run back to start, Run to 2nd cone, Do 2 burpees, run back to start, Run to 3rd cone, do 3 burpees, run back to start…….. Run to 6th cone do 6 burpees, run back. Now we are at the top of the rainbow, gotta come down.  Run to the 5th cone, do 5 burpees, run back (or run backwards) to the start, Run to the 4th cone, do 4 burpees….. I think you get the picture.

Do abs (see below)

Round 2: I’ll make a Wo(Man) out of you Multiplier

**A woman maker is: Start standing, down to plank, pick up right arm (put it back down), push up, pick up left arm, push up, return to stand and jump.

From Starting line: Moving Lunge to first cone, do 1 wo(Man) Maker and 5 squats, continue on to second cone in a moving lunge, do 2 wo(Man) Makers and 10 squats.  Continue to each cone adding one Woman Maker and 5 squats at each cone. After you finish the 6th cone, do Moving lunge all the way back to the starting line. 

Do Abs (see below)

Round 3:  The Bear(Bare) Necessities – Adding on

From Starting line, bear crawl to the first cone, do the first exercise.  Crawl to second cone, do the dips and the peter parkers, crawl to 3rd cone add the froggers.

10 dips

10 Peter Parkers (plank and bring your knees to your elbow)

10 Froggers (

10 Air Squats

10 Hillbillies

10 Hallelujahs

 More abs


Do each exercise in order and repeat a total of 3x.

8 count slow roll (hold your knees and roll forward and back slowly and controlled)

8 HC Slow elbow crosses.  Like bicycles, but all about pulling your elbow to reach your knee.

8 dying cockroaches


Added set of cross body extensions with crunch up.