Gave Disclaimer

Warm Up- Good mornings, Toy Soldiers, Leg stretches & Jumping Jacks

Completed 20 Pushups for the weekly challenge

The Thang: Roll the dice

  • First roll for the exercise
  • Second roll for the number to complete of that exercise (multiply)

1= Decline pushups

2= Tricep dips

3= Step-ups (hc)

4= Full sit ups

5= Lunges (hc)

6= Jump Squats

If doubles were rolled (1 &1, 2 &2, etc.) complete the exercise then run the pickle

If lucky seven was rolled (1&6, 2&5, etc.) complete the exercise & 7 burpees

Finished with 50 Russian twists, 50 LBCs, & 1-minute plank (30second high plank & 30second low plank)


Thanks for joining me ladies!