Disclaimer noted so we got started at 6.

Headed up the top of the deck stairs for stretching. Then ran back down, grabbed our weights and headed to the front of the library.

The Thang: do one rep of each exercise and increase reps by one each round. Try to complete 11 rounds. After round three add a lap around the fountain between rounds.

  • Single arm curl to press-right
  • Single arm curl to press-left
  • Narrow to wide push-ups (do 1-1, then 2-2, etc).
  • Alternating bent over row (HC)
  • Alternating reverse lunge (HC) holding weights in barbell position
  • Squat jacks

That brought us right up to our time limit so we missed out on the core exercises I had planned. I’ll save those for another workout!

Thanks for joining me!

Mary Lou