Warm up (25 X easy count)

*Draw knee up and hold                                                    *Side bends

*Reverse lunges                                                                    *Step Jacks

*Windmills                                                                              *Butt kicks

*Arm circles                                                                            *Shoulder rolls

*Plie squats (arms down, stand up arms raised)              *Calf raises


8 exercises (45 on, 15 rest)

1st set: Upper Body

*Lateral pull down (band around hands up and down behind back)

*Arm pulses with bands (pulse and raise arms and lower)

*Bicep curl with bands (R)

*Bicep curl with bands (L)

*Push ups

*Squat back leg left (alternate legs) band above knee

* Shoulder press (stretch band lift and pull down)

*Banded bear walk up the mat and down the mat (band around wrist)


2nd set: Abs

*Mountain climbers

* Ankle biters

*Plank pulls with bands

*Russian twists


*Plank jacks

*Glute bridges (band around thigh- up-open knees-close and down)

*Flutter kicks (bands below knees)


3rd set Lower body

*Squat and leg lift (band above knees- R-L)

* Jumping Jacks

*High Knees

*Jump lunges

*Squat walk (squat and sidestep)


*Ski jumps

*Jump Rope


Walk around the pickle twice.


Cool Down

Pax choice



Rest is not idle, not wasteful. Sometimes rest is the most productive thing you can do for your body and soul.

Erica Layne

Name O Rama