Started off the chilly morning with a disclaimer and warmup. Then we moseyed over to the amphitheater, stopping to get a rock on the way. Then we started the rounds of 4 exercises, 20 each (easy count) with a lap in between

SL squat
Bulgarian squat
Step up (same leg the whole time, switch after the lap)

W/ the rocks:
Blast off push ups

Bent over row
Rock your body
Wood chops
Chest press

Started back at the top with SL work and did 2 sets of each. Then we followed the yellow brick road up the hill (hold squat as person from the back weaves between each person) and headed back to the senior center.

Grabbed our mats to do some rounds of abs. 10 of each (hard count if applicable):
Side plank dips
Side plank clams
Side plank leg lifts
Side plank reach unders

SL Bridge
Bridge march
Bridge clams
Bridge pulse

Plank arm lifts
Brooke burkes
Plank saws
Plank toe taps
Completed almost 2 full sets, stopped short before the plank round. Finished with COT and name o Rama.

A prayer from every moment holy:
Meet me, O Christ
in this stillness of morning.
Move me, O Spirit,
to quiet my heart.
Mend me, O Father,
from yesterday’s harms.
From the discords of yesterday,
resurrect my peace.
From the discouragement of yesterday,
resurrect my hope.
From the weariness of yesterday,
resurrect my strength.
From the doubts of yesterday,
resurrect my faith.
From the wounds of yesterday,
resurrect my love.
Let me enter this new day,
aware of my need and awake to your grace,
O Lord. Amen