Disclaimer & Warm-Up:

Head Rolls, Shoulder Rolls, Arm circles, Phelps, Good Mornings, Scoops, Inchworm down to plank, World’s Greatest Stretch with arm to side – Repeat other side, Downward dog – walk the dog, Inchworm back up, High Knees, Butt Kickers

The Thang:

“Reindeer Rock Around the Clock”

In a large circle on the parking lot, I put out 12 station sheets, each with a different exercise. I had everyone set up their mats in a tight circle in the center of the circle. We each started out at a different station and did 24 reps (HC or EC) then would jog back to the center and do 12 Big Girl Sit ups or 12 Glute Bridges (we alternated the center exercise). Then we repeated this cycle going clockwise until everyone hit all 12 stations. 12/24 is when the Santa’s Reindeer fly, hence the rep counts. 🙂

The 12 Exercise Stations were:

  1. HillBillies
  2. Speed Skaters
  3. Push Ups
  4. Curb Squats
  5. Jumping Jacks
  6. Monkey Humpers
  7. Plank Shoulder Taps
  8. Calf Raises with weights
  9. Burpees
  10. Hallelujahs
  11. Ski, Ski, Lunge
  12. Tricep Dips

Reindeer Lunge Around the World”

10 Right leg front lunges

10 Right leg side lunges

10 Right leg back lunges

10 squats

10 left leg back lunges

10 left leg side lunges

10 left leg front lunges

Name a Rama:  Welcome Ace & Caliente

I had one more activity planned but we ran out of time. Those who were able to stay a little longer wanted to do it, so we did. 🙂

Reindeer Agility Run”

Marked 9 parking lot lines with numbers 1 thru 9. PAX begin at starting line, then run to first line and complete 1 Plié pulse squat, then turn around & run back to starting line. Once back at starting line, turn around & run to 2nd line, complete 2 Plié pulse squats, then turn around & run back to starting line. Repeat until PAX have run to/from all 9 lines.