Q got started a couple minutes late and was reminded mid-warm up to give the disclaimer, oops! Disclaimer was given and the warm up commenced in full. Jumping jacks, high knees, butt kickers, good mornings, back stretches and arm circles.

The Thang:

We headed for the North Pole doing hip openers and closers as we walked over to our first stop on the light poles. During our visit to the Pole we met each of Santa’s reindeer (exercise w/ 8 reps). We went to 8 poles doing the following at each stop:

Dasher-run to the pole

Dancer-plié squats (using arms too!)

Prancer-mountain climbers

Vixon-v ups

Comet-star jumps

Cupid-“kiss the ground” pushups (hand release)

Donner-burpees (gotta stay warm to stay alive in the Donner party! Too obscure? 😆)

Blitzen-“Blades of Glory” skaters

Once we finished that we moseyed over to Santa’s Work(out) Shop—aka the shelter. We divided in half via birthdays (hey it worked out perfectly!). While the Jan-June birthdays held wall sit while passing imaginary gifts along Santa’s conveyor belt, the July-Dec birthday group bear crawled the parking lot and shuffled back. And swap.

Round two group 1 did dips on the curb while group 2 ran both pickles and then swap.

Once we regrouped we circled up for a quick Rudolph the Red Nose ring of fire. Group held plank while each pax did 5 plank jacks.

That brought us to our close. Thanks for going on a trip to the North Pole with me today. It was a good trip!

Mary Lou