We got right to it with a walking warm up as we moseyed over to the arts center.  There we circled up and did burpees to “i get knocked down” with imperial walkers inbetween.   Only 3.5 min but it felt longer 😆 just to make sure we were warm, we went to the parking lot and did a round of lines.

Then we moseyed to the front or the library a format borrowed from Forrest.  60 sec, 45 sec, 30 sec, 15 sec, then back up again.

Legs: monkey humpers, step ups, SL squats, jump lunges, SL squats, step ups, monkey humpers.

Arms: dry docks, dips, push ups, hallelujahs, push ups, dips, dry docks

Cardio: skaters, toe taps, donkey kicks, tuck jumps donkey kicks, toe taps and skaters

Abs: side plank, LBCs, plank, flutterkicks, plank, LBCs and side plank.

The cold wasn’t so bad afterall and always good to be together!