4/15/2021 FIA workout

(My gift to Red Ryder for his 51st Bday was to let him plan my Q. Not sure what I was getting myself into, but I went with it!)

Disclaimer/Warm up: whatever you want to do, as long as it’s preceded by a warm up mosey. 

The Thang:

Alternate these: 

7s across the little parking lot by the baseball field. 

Exercises are: Mike Tysons, Monkey Humpers, 

LBCs and Heels to Heaven. 

That’s enough for 2 sets of 7s

Before the first set of 7s, and between sets of 7s, and even after the 2nd set is complete, partner up and do Catch me if you can. The exercise is 5 burpees. 

So cadence is:

1 lap catch me

One set of 7s

1 lap catch me – (modified to walk/sprint but that means more burpees!)

One set of 7s

1 lap catch me (modified for time ½ lap walk/sprint)


Prayer Requests- 

Hootie’s co-worker’s family – child was in an awful accident involving a car and passed away instantly

Crisco: stepdads grandson killed instantly in a head on motorcycle crash 

“Don’t be a fault finder, be a hope dealer”