Today I attempted my version of Red Light Green Light.   After disclaimer and some warmup exercises, Q explained what was all just a thought in my head. LOL. I grabbed  6 buttons before I left home.  2 red, 2 yellow, 2 green.

  • Red = STOP – Exercise
  • Yellow = SLOW DOWN – non- running movement
  • Green =  GO – Run

We had a large loop around parking lot down hill and then up the stairs.  Change direction when Q felt like it.  Q would pick 2 buttons and do what was indicated.  Stopping location to pick buttons /change exercise was on top of stairs and on top of hill..  Repeat for about 20+ minutes

In no particular order –


  • Inchworm with 2 pushups
  • kettlebell swings
  • dorothy
  • Jump squat
  • Jabs


  • Backwards walk
  • bear crawls
  • lunges
  • shuffle ( L and R)
  • karaoke ( L and R)

Our next circuits used our single heavy dumbbell.  40/20.

  1. Alternating Snatch
  2. American Hammer
  3. Alternating Snatch
  4. Lat pull over with Leg drop
  5. Alternating Snatch
  6. Dying Cockroach


  1. Woodchop left
  2. woodchop right
  3. left arm hold weight above head. Slow march
  4.  right arm  hold weight above head – slow march

Stopped there due to time…   Stretch, Name-o-rama ,  COT, Photo .. Done!