Disclaimer and Warm Up

Good mornings, toy soldiers, slow butt kickers, slow high knees, arm circles/phelps

The Thang

Rucking Highway

Carry heavy weights to first light pole at intersection of Olive Chapel and Kelly Rd. At the first light pole, complete 1 rep, 2nd light pole complete 2 reps, continue until you get to pole #11 

Burpees w/ Renegade Row

Then…coming back

Squat w/ Overhead Press

Back to parking lot for 1 min rounds of standing abs

COT Huddle: Envision your favorite sports team and their huddle – the coach giving the players a pep talk or plan for the next play. All the players are listening because the coach has something important to say.  The players want all the details so they can successfully execute the play. 

Now imagine you are the coach and your kids are the players. What would it look like for you to take 2 minutes to huddle with your kids, to be intentional and calm with your voice and body, so they actually hear your plan? Try it!