Thing 1: if you are first to finish, pick up the 6th (last man) and we complete the exercise together. Start at bottom, each level on library side will be where exercises are: level 1: Upper Body- Murkins/push-ups (10) Level 2: Lower Body – squat jumps (25), Level 3: Core (Mountain climbers – 20 hard ct) Level 4: Cardio (jumping jacks 25) Level 5: core (LBCs x 25). Pick up last (wo)man, do stairs together. 

Once at top – go down stairs and back up – next round starts on 5 and work your way down. Once down – top of stairs and back down start again on bottom and go back up. Pick up last man, jog down to bottom.

Thing 2: 100/75/50/25: do at top of parking deck or on a long flat surface: run 100 yds do 100 jumping jacks, run back do 100 more, 75 yds 75 shoulder taps and back for 75 more, 50 yds 50 flutter kicks and back for 50 more, 25 yds 25 squats and back for 25 more.


welcome FNG, Wiley!!!!!! So glad you joined us!