5 exercise Pyramid Shelter workout

All exercises are 30 seconds. Only rest is after the burpees.( approx 30 secs)  Start with exercise 1 followed by 5 burpees. Then exercise 1 and 2 followed by 4 burpees.   Increase number of exercises and decrease burpees until you do all 5 exercises and 1 burpee. Then we reverse the order 5 to 1 with 1 burpees.   Then we continually drop off the last exercise – 5 to 2  with 2 burpees.   Ending with just exercise 5 and 5 burpees.  The initial plan was to run the pickle instead of the burpees.. Not sure which one would have been worse…

  1. 2 squats followed by 2 deadlifts
  2. 2 bent over rows , clean to 2 shoulder presses
  3. Alternate single arm squat snatches / 2 push ups
  4. 2 lunges / 2 bicep curls
  5. 2 skull crushers / alternate leg lowers

With time left over we did a 5 minutes plank series. Each exercise was 30 seconds.. Take a break if needed.

  1. elbow plank
  2.  left elbow plank ( dips at 15 seconds)
  3. Brooke Burkes
  4. right elbow plank ( dips at 15 seconds)
  5. straight arm plank
  6. alternating side up/up down/down.. Not sure what to call it.  Straight arm plank.. right elbow goes down then  back to straight arm plank. then repeat on left side with left elbow going down then return to plank.
  7. Launchers
  8. Slow Mountain Climbers
  9.  Plank to down dog with opposite hand to foot. then back to plank . repeat on other side.
  10. Choose your favorite!!

Closing with Name-0-rama and COT!