It was a little wet this morning, but we stuck together and made lemonade!! Thanks to @Honeydew who joined us from a Wilmington-based AO! It was great to meet you!

The Thang:

I began with the disclaimer and on to nice & easy Yoga stretching – 10 Good mornings, side-to-side twist, downward dog & calf walkouts, plank to Chaturanga to cobra back to plank, runners stretch/twist & arm reach, cat/cow, thread the needle, cross cross applesauce forward reach, legs out side to side reach & a glute stretch.

Then we lined up and began an LA Freeway, tracing the outlines of 3 connected parking lots over to the Resurrection school lot. From there we began a moving B-L-I-M-P-S workout around the Pickle, starting with a side to side balance jump in between exercises (Bear crawls, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, (sitting) ‘Merican Hammers, Inchworm Planks, & Squat Jumps.

We jogged back to our starting circle, did a quick Name-a-Rama, and finished off with a joint COT by opening Pop-up inspirational message cards. It was a great workout! Thanks for coming out despite the weather!!