Warm up:

5 Good Mornings – OYO

Windmills 10 IC

Cross Jacks 10 IC

Toy Soldiers 10 IC

Run the pickle

The Thang:

One minute exercise w 15 seconds rest

1. Narrow squat with side step

2. Bow and arrows

3.Curtsy lunges and squats

4. Double Jack burpees

5. Biceps curl with calf raises

6. Side lunges with shoulder press

7. Kickstand deadlift pulse

8. Half burpee with jabs

Rinse and repeat

Round 2: one minute work with 15 seconds rest

1. Chest press/chest fly

2. Bent over triceps kickback

3. Close grip chest press with lat pullover

4. Glute bridge with skull crushers

5. Hand release push ups

Rinse and repeat

Just enough time left to squeeze in a few abs. We did plank toe touches, superWOmans, and fullback abs (for lack of a better name 😉) for a minute each.

Thanks for joining me this morning, always a pleasure!