Q School workout 

  • Purpose of Q school: learn the basics of how to plan/execute a safe yet challenging workout for all women of the PAX ranging in fitness levels. 
  • FiA members are not trained professionals, and are every day women like you. We believe in empowering one another to lead!
  • FiA Mission “We are a community of women whose mission is to make each other stronger in all areas of our  lives – bodies, minds, hearts”
  • A FiA Workout includes 6 components: Disclaimer, Warm Up, The Thang, ABS, COT, and Name O Rama

Disclaimer : I’m Tiny Boots, I’m your Q today. I’m not a professional. You’re here at your own risk, modify as needed

Explanation on why the Q MUST do this every time and the important things to include in it and say the disclaimer at the start of every workout. (It covers the Q and FiA Nation of any liability)


Warm Up: 

Warm ups last approx 5 min

important to warm up the muscles, also gives late comers the chance to get settled

In cadence counting to keep women together


Toy soldiers 15

Good mornings 15

Butt kickers 15

Arm circles forward and back 15

No more cadence counting

Inchworms x5

Hip openers forward 8 on each leg

Hip closers backward each leg 

The THANG (the main portion of the workout)

Count off to break pax into 2 teams (Team A & Team B) for Quiz Bowl-style game

One pax from Team A travels to far end of parking lot to pick a question. Return and ask Team B. If correct, Team B gets 1 point

Rinse and Repeat w/ a Pax from Team B asking Team A.

Entire Pax is doing the same exercise while teammate travels

ROUND 1 (repeat exercises for questions 5-8)

Round 1 exercises – traveling exercise: SKIP
1.plank jacks 
3.jump squats 
4.big girl sit ups

After 8 questions, take a break and do 4 corners:

4 CORNERS (before we start the exercise at each corner, share 3-4 highlights)

In corner #1, do 20 reps of each exercise, then in corner #2, do 15 reps of each, in corner #3, 10 reps of each, and in corner #4, do 5 reps of each


  • Monkey humpers
  • Jumping jacks
  • Carolina dry docks
  • High knees (hard count)

Back to our Teams for 

ROUND 2 (repeat exercises for questions 5-8)

Round 2 exercises – traveling exercise: NUR
2.tricep dips
3.mountain climbers

If there is a tie:
Ask both teams: Closest guess wins: How many women attend FiA workouts nationwide? 6000

ABS: LBCs, dead bugs, scissors, ankle biters, hillbilly

*do each exercise for 30 seconds 

COT: “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” – H.E. Luccock

Name O Rama