We gathered together for the warmup and disclaimer.  Did some good mornings, trunk rotations, side reaches, JJs, BKs, and HKs.  Q explained the format, which was stolen directly from Crisco’s Hunter Games workout (that’s what happens when you sign up to Q last minute!) We did 3 pyramids, one for legs, one for arms and one for core. The format is 10 reps of 5 exercises and 5 laps.  Then reps increase, exercises decrease (drop the last exercise): 15 reps, 4 exercises, 4 laps, etc down to 30 reps of 1 exercise and 1 lap.

Legs: Squats, monkey humpers, Blast off push ups, jump squats, and burpees.
Arms: hallelujahs, bicep curl, standing skull crusher, bent over row and pushups (we took a lap detour to grab our rocks)
Core: Mt climbers, LBCs, hilbillies, shoulder taps, woodchoppers (all HC)

We ran out of time so only did 1 lap between all the core rounds.

Thanks for joining me ladies!