I have been doing a lot of work out videos at home. Found a pyramid workout  by NourishMoveLove on YouTube which seemed perfect for Nightcrawler! Check her out !


Lap around pickle  doing High Knees, Butt Kickers, Shuffle left and right, Karoke left and right, Skips and toy Soldiers.  Under shelter, we did some more leg and arm stretches.

The Thang:

7 exercises each 30 secs long. Most used weights. Goes like this:  Exercise 1, 30 sec break, Exercise 1 and 2, 30 sec break, Exercise 1,2 and 3, 30 sec break etc

  1. L/R Corner lunge with shoulder press followed by 2 weighted jacks
  2. 2 squats  then bicep curl – hammer curl
  3. 2 reverse back flies / 2 renegade rows
  4. lateral lunge /hop – alternate sides
  5. Pushup T on both sides  / Push up drag weight both sides
  6. Weighted situp then 2 Tricep extensions
  7. Burpees  ( this was a fullback bonus!)

Took a break for water and to catch our breath..   Then it was time to repeat the whole thing in reverse order!  Finished with 2 minutes to spare!!


Prayers to our FiA friends and families who have been infected with COVID.

We are collected toothbrushes for Dorcas. Please bring to a workout.

Name-o-rama and then our official workout pic!!  Thanks for joining me!