On this cold rainy evening , we stayed under the shelter to get in a 6 exercise pyramid workout.


JJ, high knees , butt kickers , arm circles , runner lunge , Phelps, quad stretch

The Thang :

set timer for 26 rounds of 30 sec intervals.   Order goes like this.  Ex 1 , rest 30, ex 1&2, rest 30,   1,2,3,rest etc.  When  finish all 6 exercises ,  Take longer break  , reset  timer and then repeat in reverse order.
6,5,4,3,2,1, rest.  Each round drop off last  exercise.

exercises :

  1. burpee   (Each round change variation. List from fia winter challenge)
  2. Bicep curls ( halfway / all the way)
  3. plie squat with calf raise
  4. 1 dumbbell suitcase squat with 180 turn
  5. narrow chest press to skull crusher
  6. deadlift to bent over row


Next on to plank work. Each held for 30 sec- no breaks

  1. Elbow plank
  2. right elbow side plank
  3. left elbow side plank
  4. brooke burke
  5. straight arm plank
  6. shoulder taps
  7. mountain climbers

We ended with a few minutes of yoga stretches.

COT  – Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude and your mood!