Warm Up

The Thang:

Pyramid (adding exercise each round; exercise block is 30 secs for 1 go round and then 20 secs for the 2nd time through)

1- Squat Thruster with Shoulder Press

2- Lunge with Bicep Curl

3- Side step/jump with one arm snatch

4- Burpee with triceps kickback

(Move 1 30 sec, Rest 30 secs; Move 1, Move 2, Rest; Move 1, Move 2, Move 3, Rest; etc)

Run Pickle!

TABATA (45 seconds exercise; 15 seconds rest)

1- Chest press

2- Skaters

3- Reverse Grip Row

4- Jump Squats

5- Pec Fly

6- Jumping Jacks

7- Triceps dips

8- Mountain Climbers


we did some Abs at the end!


COT:  When you ask God to help you grow, don’t be surprised if it starts raining!

Name- o- rama