As we walked to the breezeway between the library and the deck I gave the disclaimer and explained the gist of the workout.

At the breezeway we did a quick warm up of jumping jacks, windmills, trunk twists, and arm circles.

The Thang: P-U-M-P-K-I-N-S

Run up staircase stopping on the odd floors to do reps of the pumpkin exercises. Run down opposite staircase stopping on even floors to continue reps of exercises (6 stops total). We got through PUMP then finished KIN at our base. After we reached base between rounds I led the pax through some runner yoga stretches as a recovery/rest. Everyone seemed to like this!

P-push ups (10)

U-up up down downs (5)

M-mountain climbers (15 HC)

P-plié squats w/calf raise (15)

K-knee to elbows in plank (10 HC)

I-imperial walkers (20)

N-narrow squats (20)


Even though we ran out of time, the structure of the workout was great. I’ll have to remember to do this again with another acronym!

Thank you for joining me!

Mary Lou