Beethoven gave the Disclaimer! Warm-up: Good mornings, high knees, butt kicks, arm circles, windmills and jumping jacks.
PUMPKIN and GHOST Workout!!
P: Plank Jacks

U: Up/Downs on bench or curb

M: Monkey Humpers

P: Push-ups

K: Kettle bell swings

I: Inchworms

N: Narrow Squats

G: Glute Bridges

H: Heels Up (Leg Lifts)

O: Open Arms (full sit ups)

S: Sides (ankle biters)

T: Table Top (Plank)

P: Prisoner Squats

U: Upright rows

M: Mountain Climbers

P: Peter Parkers

K: Kick Backs (like donkey kicks)

I: Inclined Pushups

N: N-U-R (RUN)!!!!!!

Go through all of it twice!