“Pre-THANKSGIVING & Band Workout”

Warm up: Run the pickle, 10 jumping jacks, 10 toy soldiers, 10 good mornings & 10 left/right arm circles

Beethoven – Disclaimer – The Thang (all count of 20 each exercise):

T-ricep Dips

Bicep curls with band


Shoulder press with band

A-BC’s – legs in the air writing the alphabet

Bent over rows with band

N-arrow squats with or without band

Hip abductions with band

K-nee tucks (choice of one knee or both – lying down on mat)

Pull apart with band in front of body


Calf raises with band

G-lute clamshells with band

Full sit up with band around ankles pulling tension

I-mperial Walkers

Glute bridges with band around ankle for tension


Tricep kickbacks

I-ncline pushups

Split Rows

N-egative bicep curls (regular up and slowwww down for tension)

Lying pullover with band

G-lute bridges

Thruster with band



20 LBC’s

20 Pulse LBC’s

(planned more, but out of time).


COT / Namorama

Photo Credit: Phelps 🙂