Disclaimer/Warm Up: Heirloom – Elvis inspired warm up – hip swerves, guitar arms, getting-low lunges, run the pickle, 1 push up, 2 squats and 3 LBC’s to preview the Thang


The Thang: (Tiny Boots)

Motivators – 10 JJ, 10 JJ w/ arms to shoulders, 10 JJ with hands on hips, 10 JJ w/ feet only; continue 9, all the way down to 1


Find a partner – 

Partner 1 starts push ups – while partner 2 runs around the large pickle & back 

When Partner 2 returns, she starts from the number where Partner 1 leaves completing push ups while partner 1 runs

(for instance, if partner 1 does 16 push ups, Partner 2 starts counting at 17 and does as many as she can while Partner 1 runs, keeps switching off until you reach 100 – the total is cumulative)

When you reach 100 go directly into squats

100 Push ups (modification – on your knees, our hallelujahs)

200 Squats

300 LBC’s

ABS/Glutes – Butt Busters – while we named 6 FNG’s

1 min of each – Right side first, then left

Fire hydrant

Donkey Kicks


Karate kick


COT: Heirloom “Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect” ~ Alan Cohen
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