Disclaimer & Warm up: Good mornings, Toy Soldiers, Windmills, arm warm ups; Jog to end of parking lot do 10 JJ per pax (10 Pax = 100 JJ)

Mosey to church and up parking lot:

Partner up to run the pickle in opposite directions. When you meet your partner, do 10 Squats, 10 Push ups, 10 BGSU – get up & continue running in the direction you were going. When you meet up w/ your partner again, complete 9 of the same exercises, continue in like fashion all the way down to 1. Lots of time on the ground means booty outlines in the pollen this time of year 🙂 

Pax in a circle to complete the pyramid

20 seconds – Burpees

25 seconds – Shoulder Taps

30 seconds – Russian Twists

35 seconds – Squats

40 seconds – Calf raises

45 seconds – Wall Sit/Squat Hold

50 seconds – Plank

45 seconds – Tricep Dips

40 seconds – Blast off push ups

35 seconds – Push ups

30 seconds – Monkey Humpers

25 seconds – Glute Bridges

20 seconds – Burpee

Mosey back to Park

Captain Thor: 1 BGSU:4 (EC) American Hammers until 10:40

COT & Name-o-Rama

By Emily P Freeman – author The Next Right Thing “For the one who doesn’t know yet. May you find comfort in remembering that God didn’t show up as an expert, but as a baby. May you find peace in God’s presence even when you can’t see the plan. Just because you don’t know yet doesn’t mean you won’t know ever. May you find clarity in doing your next right thing even if it looks different than your last right thing. For now, look for life in hidden places and don’t be afraid to be a beginner. May “I don’t know yet” become an easy mantra. May asking for help be your sacred liturgy.”