After some discussion of how we were going to move the mulch pile by hand at a sprint and more discussion of what clothing layers we needed on this damp 40 degree day we started.

Warm Up:  A series of dynamic movements starting with jacks IC, Good Mornings, Knee pulls, Quad pulls, Inner thigh stretches.

We jogged to the crosswalk between the community center and the top of the greenway hill.

Thang 1: Ladder Light Poles.  (Fun was had by all and tons of chatter too!)
For 6 poles, do push ups, frankensteins and squats.  First Light pole is 5 of each exercise and laddering by 5 to 30 of each exercise at the 6th pole.

We jogged to the playground opposite the kiwanis shelter (everyone did 10 “pull ups” here)

Thang 2: Curb Booty Work.
At the parking lot behind the playground, partner up for curb booty work.  In partners, one person does exercise on a curb while other person runs a good distance (we picked to the softball field entrances and back).  Exercises as follows
1. Toe taps (soccer style)
2. Prisoner Lunges (front foot on curb)
3. Step up leg raises
At this point we dropped the running and did 1 minute timed sets
4. Glute bridges (hands on curb, booty up and down)
5. Plank Jacks (hands on curb)
6. Single leg Glute bridge (30 seconds each way)
7. Plank with alternating leg lift
8.  Side squat tap up with one leg on the curb  (1 minute each way)

Then we ran back to the  senior center.  Stopped 3 times for extra credit exercises (Elbow to knee cross, Crouch with step back, and sumo squat elbow knee touch)


So much sweat, on my face, through my shirts, everywhere!  Thanks for a great day.