DISCLAIMER- I am not a professional… adapt as needed

We had a crowded yet pleasant evening as local HS and MS band students serenaded is in our workout  ( and have the shelters rented through October per “ band lady” I spoke with)  We May need to slightly Change our meet up area to the Obstacle course area ( or etc as Q chooses)  which is where we ended up doing our “Thang”

Yoga warmup


Sit cross legged side stretch keeping hip grounded

cat/camel, downward dog pedal stretch to thread the needle in frog legged position with arm reach

Downward dog to standing mountain side stretch to forward fold to downward dog, to cobra to downward dog one legged down to warrior 2, elbow to top of thigh to clock circle /ccw repeat to other side

Balance -BOW Pose

Grab foot hinge forward (shift weight, thumb to sternum) , looking up, reach opposite arm forward



Route 66- Start with one rep and add one additional rep until you reach 66 reps total

Alternate with 4 different exercises 4 corners of Obstacle course jogging in between


  1. “Raggedy Anns”: in Sumo squat position move side to side (like hill billy) but arms straight reaching

  2. “Manmaker”: similar to burpee- Standing to plank position, one arm row, push-up, other arm row, pushup return to standing and jump

  3. Bulgarian split squat hard count

  4. Prison squat


2nd round lunge walk in between short ends/ karaoke long ends

  1. Side hops R/L

  2. Pushups

  3. Tricep dips

  4. Side plank leg lifts (bottom knee flexed or straight)


3rd round

  1.  Jump Shots

  2. Monkey humper

  3. “TYW” on stomach

  4. Dive Bombers



IF you HAVE do the exercise 10 times. , if you haven’t jog in place or etc. PAX TAKE TURNS CHOOSING EXERCISE (next person beside you)

  1. Gone skydiving

  2. Visited 5 or more National Parks

  3. Gone skinny dipping

  4. Eaten raw fish/sushi

  5. Been on TV

  6. PULLED an ALL Nighter studying

  7. Visited a foreign country

  8. Cried watching an animated Disney movie

  9. Gone camping

  10. Gone swimming with sharks or dolphins

  11. Been shat on by a bird

  12. Gotten chewing gum stuck in your hair

  13. Been afraid of clowns

  14. Done a backflip on a trampoline ..Go Tuck!!

  15. Forged your parents signature ( we didn’t get to this one!) but I have 😬

words of encouragement: SPEAK Life to your children and those around you:

When you speak life, you are speaking positivity, hope, and of love. … In Proverbs 18:21 it says, “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” 


“A parent’s powerful words speak over our children, shaping their thoughts, and children live up to what is expected of them. Why are we shocked or surprised? If a child has been told their entire life they are bad…then guess what?

The bottom line is, this parent’s powerful words not only hurt my kids, but hurt myself when haphazardly chosen.”