Circled up to warm up on the brisk morning.  Good mornings, windmills, toy soldiers, JJs, BKs, HKs, inchworms. Then made our way to the big picnic shelter doing light poles along the way, 5 HC side lunge with knee-to-elbow.  Once we got to the shelter we each found a table for our 4 rounds of 3 exercises, 10 HC each.
Legs: bulgarian split squats, SL squats, step ups – with a focus on a slow step down.
Core: all on the bench, plank 1/1 reach with knee-to-elbow, side plank with hip dip, then arm reach, plank with row with focus on no-rotation
Glutes: bridge with feet up, bridge with shoulders up, table-top donkey kicks
Arms: slow tricep dips, slow push ups, push up plus
We completed that whole thing twice then moseyed to the big hill for a triple nickle on the big hill, 5 HC curtsey squat with side crunch and 5 plank jacks, 5x.
Headed back to our cars for some stretches, COT and Name-O-Rama.