Disclaimer Given – Beethoven is not a professional. Do this at your own risk & at your own COVID risk.

Warm-up: 15 Good mornings OYO – 15 Toy Soldiers in cadence – 15 Butt Kickers in cadence – Arm circles back and forth – Run ½ the track

The Thang:

-Walk to big parking lot for 4 corners while doing arm circles forward. Break up into two groups.

First Corner: 25 Squats – Lunge walk to next Corner

Second Corner: 25 Mountain Climbers – Run to next Corner

Third Corner: 25 Skaters – Lunge to next corner

Fourth Corner: 25 Plank Jacks

**Repeat 4 corners for 4 times total!

-Walk to Shelter with Picnic Tables while doing arm circles backwards.

At Shelter: 25 step-ups, 25 dips and 25 inverted push-ups

**Repeat 2 times

Walk back to starting point for Abs with mat.

-Ab work out:

50 LBC’s

40 Bicycles

30 Russian Twists

20 Leg Raises

**Repeat 2 times!

Stretch – Name a Rama

COT: “We have two choices this morning, continue to sleep with our dreams, or wake up and chase ‘em!” Corrie LeeAnn – The Awake Morning Routine Devotional. I’m so glad you chose to wake up and chase your dreams today!!