Disclaimer & Warm Up: 20 seconds of 10 various exercises like good mornings, toy soldiers, etc and then we ran the pickle

HoneyDew from FiA Winston Salem visiting us!

The Thang:
Partner Up for DORA:partner 1  starts counting w/step ups while partner 2 walks the pickle w/their weights. When partner 2 gets back they take over from partner 1’s count while partner 1 walks the pickle w/weights

So if partner 1 gets to 22 step ups, partner 2 will continue counting at 23, continuing to swap out until 100 is accumulated between the 2 partners

Then move on to the next exercise.
100 Step Ups 

200 Dips

300 Jumping Jacks


Jack Webb: 1 push up: 4 Hallelujahs increasing ratio 1:4 each time We completed 7:28 before moving on to abs


Circuit 30 sec ea; repeat as needed for time

Toe touches

Oblique crunches or bicycles

V ups

American Hammers


COT:It was God is building you, even if it feels like he’s breaking you

A reminder to keep your head up no matter how big or small the challenges are

Name O Rama