Gave disclaimer- Good mornings, arm circles, toy soldiers, stretch legs.  Pick a partner (A & B).

The Thang:

Round 1

Run to the skate park beginning of the track.  A will start lunge walking B will do 50 plank jacks.  B will then run to partner A.  A will do 50 plank jacks while B picks up the lunge walking.  Continue pattern until A&B reach the stairs.

Round 2

A & B will hold plank.  A will do 1 push up then plank, B will do 2 pushups then plank.  Continue pattern until you reach 10 pushups then run the pickle. After running A&B hold plank.  A will do 10 pushups then hold plank, B will do 9 pushups then plank.  Continue the pattern down to 0 then run the pickle.

Round 3

A&B hold squat.  A will do 1- 1/2 burpee then hold squat, B will do 2- 1/2 burpees then hold squat.  Continue the pattern until you reach 10 then run the pickle.  After running A&B hold squat.  A does 10- 1/2 burpees then hold squat, B will do 9- 1/2 burpee and hold squat. Continue the pattern down to 0 run the pickle.

Round 4

Move to the shelter.  A will do 5 HC step ups while B does dips until A finishes then switch.  When finished run the pickle.  Repeat

Round 5

Soccer fence- A holds a handstand while B does 30 hallelujahs.  Run pickle.  B does handstand while A does 30 hallelujahs- run pickle.

Round 6

A & B hold reverse plank.  A does 1 sparky crab hold reverse plank, B does 2 sparky crabs hold R-plank- repeat pattern to 10. Run pickle

A&B hold R-plank. A does 10 sparky crabs hold R-plank, B does 9 sparky crabs hold R-plan repeat pattern to 0.

COT- **lunchbox was with us too but her name wasn’t listed in the PAX**