Disclaimer was stated to modify as necessary and maintain 6ft apart for COVID.

We moseyed over to the back parking lot and circled up for stretching: good mornings, toy soldiers, arm circles, inch worms and quad stretches.

The Thang: Today was a recycled workout, but kept our heart rates up and had plenty of push-ups!
Everybody picked a parking space. We completed 10 rounds of speed and agility work in our parking space for one minute each. Between each round, we did 10 push-ups, 20 dips, and 30 of the called ab exercise.

Speed/Agility exercises:

grass pickers

burpee shuffle


on the line-hop down right leg, bear crawl back, the rinse and repeat rotating legs

diamond drill

broad jump forward, baby hops back

plank jacks

”T” shuffle on the lines

4 HC toe taps, shuffle the line, 4 HC toe taps and repeat

figure 8 shuffle, touch ground at each corner

total count:

push-ups: 100

dips: 200

abs: 300

We finished with 5 minutes left to stretch and COT.

AND, shout out to all the ladies that got their mile in before the workout today!!

Thanks for joining me today!