Disclaimer & Warm-Up

3-5 min

The Thang:

3 rounds of AMRAP (8-10min time cap for each round) for total of 24 min work and 1-2 min between rounds, PAX pick cards. Each card has an assigned exercise for each round. Each PAX will pick 1-2 cards. The cards will be placed in center and the combined card picks will become the workout for the current round. Before each round collect & shuffle cards and PAX pick 1-2 new cards for each round. First round will be all body weight, 2nd round will be weighed with medium dumbbells, and 3rd round will be core. Q will supply the cards, equipment needed includes a mat and medium dumbbells.

Round 1 – Body Weight (8min)

Hearts – 10 Jump Squats

Clubs – 10 Alternating sides, low to high

Spades – 10 High Knees

Diamonds – 10 Mountain Climbers

Jack – 10 Jumping Jacks

Queen – 10 Push-Ups

King – 10 Tic-Tac-Toes

Ace – 10 Burpees


Round 2 – Weighted/Medium Dumbbells (8min)

Hearts – 10 Lateral Raise

Clubs – 10 Sumo Squats

Spades – 10 Bicep Curls

Diamonds – 10 Tricep Extensions

Jack – 10 Jack Press

Queen – 10 Weighted Froggers

King – 10 Prisoner Squats

Ace – 10 Bent over Rows


Round 3 – Core (All exercises hard count)(8 min)

Hearts – 10 LBC

Clubs – 10 Bicycles

Spades – 10 Ball Crunches (Legs 6 inches off ground & hands extended above head, bring in legs as if doing reverse crunch and arms at same time, making your body the shape of a ball then extend once again)

Diamonds – 10 low plank hip dips

Jack – 10 Crazy Ivan’s (Sitting in position of American Hammers, rotate from one side twist then to center, then repeat on other side.  Make sure to stop in center each time, no full rotation of torso.)

Queen – 10 High Plank Spider-Man’s

King – 10 Triangle Leg Lifts (Legs are wide at bottom and when you lift, bring feet together as if making the top point of triangle and then back down wide)

Ace – 10 Hollow Rocks


7min remaining:



Perspective – When  you’re faced with a challenge you can focus on the negative, or change your perspective to find and focus on the positive. Every Sour has a Sweet.

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