Warm Up

The Thang:

Roll 2 dice.  To find out the exercise we are doing, add the numbers.  Number of reps will be the two numbers multiplied.  If we roll doubles, we run the pickle and then do Captain Thor (number on the dice), then we do the exercise associated with the dice.  Everybody rolls.


2- Peter Parker

3- Big Girl sit ups

4- Tricep Dips/pushups

5- Pushups

6- Burpees

7- Thrusters

8- One Arm Snatches

9- Shoulder Taps

10- Bicep Curls

11- Chest press/Pec Fly

12- Squat Jump


Same concept with abs except, we just used one dice.  The first roll, to find out the exercise.  Second roll multiplied to the number on first roll tells us how many reps.


2- Ankle Biters

3- American Hammers

4- Rotating Planks

5- Heels to Heaven

6- Dollys


COT–>  There are 2 ways of spreading light. . to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.


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